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Automatic cleaning robot cleaner windows Hobot

How works HOBOT

The HOBOT Glass Cleaning Robot is a unique new robot for cleaning windows, both inside and outside. The unit remains on the window by a built powerful suction motor and both sides rotate as the window cleaning. The Hobot goes through small movements on and so makes the whole window clean. Because of its "Single-Side-Cleaning design", the HOBOT can clean any thickness window, double-glass window, show window, store window, mirror, tables, tiles and so on. The robot is lightweight and easy to start, just turn and against a window. The Hobot stops automatically when finished. The HOBOT is suitable for all window types and autonomy is also suitable for large windows of shops and businesses. The Hobot is very popular for cleaning windows in conservatories.

The easy replaceable micro fiber cloth is used on both of the cleaning wheels. Micro fiber based cloth is used for good glass cleaning. The auto mode can guarantee the robot clean the entire window surface by using edge detection algorithm with the proprietary computer assisted route planning logic. The robot can operate in either AUTO or Manual Mode according to the instructions from the remote control. The HOBOT uses AI-Technology with powerful processors to compute the cleaning path, to detect edges of window by sensors, to clean the entire window automatically.